How to put a garden between two retaining walls

The following instructions show how I planted a garden on thw side of our drive between the lower and upper retaining wall.

What do you need?

Spade and Garden Fork
Potting mix I bought mine in bags from our local garden shop but you can save some dosh by buying it by the trailer load
Slow Release Fertilizer Use good quality and long lasting fertilizer.
Weed Matting and Anchors for the Matting
Bark Once again I bought mine by the bag but consider getting a trailer load

Building it

Step 1. This was how it looked after all the broken concrete was removed and I had dug out around 20cm of the retaining wall so the potting mix has somewhere to go.

Step 2. Fill in the gap between the retaining walls with Potting Mix up to around 2 inches from the top to allow for the bark. I used cheaper potting mix because tussock and flax don't need much nutrients.

Step 3. Put down weedmatting making sure you cover the sides fully. Pin the netting down tightly, more time spent here will save you many hours weeding in the future.

Step 4. Plant the tussock and flax by cutting a small hole in the weedmat. I applied a small amount of slow release fertilizer because once the bark is on fertilizing becomes more difficult.

Step 5. Apply the bark liberally around to fill the gap between the retaining wall. Not only does the bark look good but it will also retain moisture in the soil and further protect against weeds.

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