What we found useful for baby and what was a waste of time and money

Disposable Nappies

Really are easier for those who don't have a conscience but we could see how quickly we went through them so not cheap.

Changing Table

Useful as it allows you to work at a good height and stops baby moving round too much. Also easier to clean when poos and wees inevitably get loose.

Baby Bath

We didn't use the baby bath much in the first three months only bathing baby once every four or five days but having a small bath is much better then trying to bath baby in the adult bath or under a shower.

Baby Wipes

We found the paper ones better then cloth because you get more in each pack and they aren't as bulky.

Swaddling Cloth

Swaddling where you wrap the baby tightly in a diamond shaped cloth is a god send. Not only does it keep baby warm but quiet as well.


I preferred the nighties without the legs as it makes nappy changes much easier and clean.

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