How to change nappies, a mans guide

The following instructions show how I change nappies with minimum fuss and anxiety for baby Luka. We used Huggies disposables.

What do you need?

Nappies We used the evil disposables but for those with a conscience the rules are pretty much the same just more cleanup later
Baby wipes
Baby protective ointment This protects babies bottom from nappy rash.
Changing table or a space to change the nappies We had a waterproof blanket on our changing table but my mum used a towel when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Doing it

Step 1. Remove babies clothes and blankets making sure they are out of pee shot just in case.

Step 2. Remove the tabs on both sides and remove the nappy. Keep the old nappy handy because baby often views this as the ideal time to pee. You can check the old nappy for soiling and/or wee but realistically I always replaced anyway.

Step 3. Use the baby wipes to clean babies bottom of all soiling and wee. Baby will hate this but it needs to be done.

Step 4. Apply the protective ointment for newborns with the umbilical cord still partly attached (it sticks out about an inch) or talc once your baby has a proper belly button.

Step 5. Put the new nappy on baby making sure you tighten it around his waist and not his hips. On huggies the nappy is attached using the two tabs but make sure you pull out the side wings to ensure a good seal against babies bottom.

Step 6. Displose of everything you need to get rid of. We found its best to empty your bin regularly before it gets ripe.

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